The weather is warming up. Temperatures are returning to normal. Finally all the winter ice is melting. Unfortunately the melting ice has caused a shift in the tectonic plates releasing the long dormant Tetrodotoxin Zombie virus! The hoard of infected Zombies are approaching, and fast. Plus the roaming hoards are looking for their next meal - you! Looking for any escape from the hoards you realize the only escape is Scuba Diving!
HOW WILL THIS END ? How this ends really all depends upon you, your skills and your desire to survive the oncoming Zombie hoard. Using your knowledge, skills and resourcefulness and the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide will determine the eventual outcome of you either becoming a part of the Zombie hoard or someone who survives the Zombie Apocalypse! Remember your very survival depends upon your dive skills, knowledge, resourcefulness and above all teamwork! Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
What is a Zombie Apocalypse diver?
what is THIS course about ? Over 98% of divers believe they are extremely unprepared to survive a Zombie Apocalypse according to a well documented research study conducted and falsified by The Right Honorable Lord Woodrow F. Tinsley III D.o.D. Hc Laird of Glencoe and Lochaber Count of Hougun Manor. The PADI Zombie Apocalypse Specialty Diver Course will prepare you to face the oncoming Zombie hoards.
during the class
Each student will receive a copy of the Zombie Apocalypse Diver Student Manual and Survival Guide. During the two required dives, learn about: Zombie Biology and History. Types of Zombies and real life Zombies. Survival Skills. Buoyancy Skills. Search and Recovery Skills. Rescue Skills. First Aid Skills. Team Work.
how do i start - what do i need?
To Get Started ! To enroll in the PADI Zombie Apocalypse Diver course, you must be at least 12 years old, a PADI Open Water Diver* or PADI Junior Open Water Diver. In the Zombie Apocalypse Diver crew-pak you will have your Zombie Apocalypse Diver Manual and Survival Guide, and a writable slate to help you communicate underwater. As there is a good amount of self study required prior to attending class, it is highly recommended that you obtain the Zombie Apocalypse Diver crew-pak and review the material as soon as possible. *Note that qualifying certifications from other diver training organizations may apply – ask your PADI Zombie Apocalypse Instructor.
Equipment you will need ! During the class you will use your own basic scuba equipment. If needed, The Dive Place has BC's, Regulator sets with dive computers, and tanks available to rental. Required items that the individual diver must own include a compass for navigation, a knife, visible and audible signaling devices such as a SMB (Safety Sausage) and whistle. It is recommended that Zombie Apocalypse student divers be PADI Enriched Air Nitrox certified. But this is not a requirement to complete the course. Your The Dive Place PADI Instructor will explain the equipment that you need, and may suggest additional gear that may be useful during your training to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.
what is and not included?! What is included in your class is the Zombie Apocalypse Manual and Survival Guide - a blank slate - PADI Certification card . Not included is basic diving equipment such as mask, snorkel, fins boots, weights, BC, regulator, tanks and any additional equipment required for the particular PADI Zombie Apocalypse Diver certification. In addition all entry/boat fees, transportation to/from pool, dive training sites or boat docks is not included. Let our crew members introduce you a world of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and show you a The Dive Place adventure like no other!

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