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WHAT are the requirements?

To enroll in a PADI Open Water Diver course you must be a minimum of 10 years old. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required. You may be able to get college credit for the Open Water Diver course. Come on and dive in…a lifetime of fun, adventure, memories, experiences, and new friends awaits you!


Once you complete your PADI eLearning, we will schedule your review session, equipment sizing, pool session and four dives. In your review session, your PADI Instructor will go over the knowledge you learned during your eLearning, answer questions and ensure you are comfortable and fully understand what you have learned. During this session we will size you with the equipment you will need for your dives. You will learn to identify, assemble, prepare, don and understand your scuba diving equipment in the safety and comfort of a review session well before you enter the water. After your review session you will be scheduled for your in water sessions. During these sessions you will practice and become proficient in scuba diving skills in a safe secure water environment. Once you have demonstrated your proficiency, understanding and are comfortable with the required skills, you transition to open water dives.
If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. With the PADI Open Water Diver course join the millions of people have learned to scuba dive and gone on to discover the wonders of the aquatic world. Obtain your open water scuba diving certification with The Dive Place.

WHAT are you going to LEARN?

The PADI Open Water Diver course consists of three main phases: 1- Knowledge Development (on-line, independent study or in a classroom) to understand basic principles of scuba diving. 2- Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills. 3- Open Water Dives to use your skills and explore! Your instructor will teach you about dive equipment, the science of diving, responsible diving practices and the environment. You will learn many skills during your in the water sessions, and complete your training with four open water dives.


During you PADI Open Water Diver course, you learn to use basic and personal scuba equipment, including a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device (BC) and a scuba cylinder. While training, The Dive Place will provide you will basic scuba equipment, regulator, octo/alternate air source, buoyancy control device (BC), tank and use of a wetsuit. Students are requested to purchase or provide their own personal equipment such as mask, snorkel, fins, boots and weights.


What is included in your class is the PADI Open Water eLearning course - PADI Logbook - eRDPml Dive Table calculator - Basic dive equipment - PADI Certification card. Not included in the package is personal diving equipment such as mask, snorkel, fins boots and weights. Pool/spring/training center fees. Open Water/Ocean boat fees. Transportation to/from pool, dive training sites or boat docks.


Stop by The Dive Place to enroll in the course, pick up your PADI home-study materials – the Dive Planner (eRDPml), PADI Student Dive Log and your PADI Open Water Diver Online code – PADI’s eLearning option – and you can start learning right away. PADI eLearning Open Water Diver Online gives you the background information you need to dive safely and allows you to study at your own pace through an interactive computer-based program. For questions about the PADI Open Water Certification course, equipment, cost or fees, contact us at The Dive Place on 407-517-4737 or stop by and talk to one of our crew members who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. On becoming a PADI Open Water Diver, perhaps you may want to become a dive professional and go all the way to Divemaster or even become an Instructor yourself! Whatever your scuba and skin diving needs, let The Dive Place help you realize your dreams!

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