Bottlenose dolphins frequent Anna Maria, you will enjoy swimming side by side with them. Even though these enchanting animals who are playful, curious and friendly may stay around you, it is important to refrain from feeding them. It's not permitted by the law and it only spoils their natural instinct of searching for food in the nature which in turn endangers them The Dive Place can help you obtain certifications prior to experiencing this amazing adventure. To join us, or if you have any questions about diving with us on this fantastic adventure, please call The Dive Place on 407-517-4737.
Anna Maria offers all kinds of underwater activities. The abundance of sea life is what attracts divers to visit its beautiful dive sites. With dive spots just a few hundred yards off the shoreline, Anna Maria Island offers divers amazing shore diving at Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach. The Spanish Rocks. On a clear day you can see the rocks from the surface. Unfortunately when it's rough it is very easy to miss. The ledges range from 15 to 18 feet down. The limestone ledges range from 1 foot to a maximum of 5 feet. The most famous of dive locations is the wreck of The Regina. Or as it is usually known as "The Sugar Barge". Sunk in the 1940’s just off Bradenton Beach, the dive site is in 20 feet of water about 75 yards off the coast and in the past has been marked by a buoy. The abundance of sea life is what also attracts divers to explore these beautiful dive sites.


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